CULTURE’s collections are designed with passion, curiosity and perpetual dedication. Fascination, down-to-earth luxury, authenticity and renewal - these are the mantras that serve as a foundation for the brand and the essence of our designs.


We simply adore all things strange and beautiful: clever and ingenious artifacts, destinations, colors and people – all of which we draw infinite and profound inspiration from for each and every collection.


We’d like to give the CULTURE girl a trendy wardrobe – feminine clothing with fine details and high wear ability. A wardrobe to mix and match with, creating her own effortless and personalized look with a good variety of fabric qualities and style choices.


The CULTURE girl is going places, in thought and in fact. She has an enquiring mind, maybe even spiritual, with a strong urge to discover and express herself creatively. She is feminine and truly independent, both silly and serious. But she is always attentive and well balanced.

She wants travel, pleasure, livelihood and – importantly - time for thought and meditation.


The CULTURE girl is true to her style, but constantly looking for new inspiration - new places, fresh sounds, different scents, foods and people, new experiences. She is charming and stylish, even a bit eccentric. She knows that true style is simultaneously effortless and mischievous.


Maybe she travels often to gather ideas, always seeking out the unpredictable and the unknown, the crooked and the noble.


The CULTURE girl has her very own freelance approach to life – and she dresses the way she lives!